The Power of Print

When we started out as a wedding photography team back in October 2017 we had one thought in mind. Get the best photographs possible for every bride and groom and deliver them. Simple as that! The easiest and quickest way we decided to do this was to upload the images to USB and deliver them to the couple.

As time has went by over the past year I’ve seen reactions by clients about their photographs to rethink about just getting them to them the easiest way possible. I already knew that a wedding day is one if not the most important days of any bride and grooms lives. To be there and to be responsible to capture the moments of these days is an honour to me and I’ll always be grateful to every client who asks us to be part of their special day.

I also know that on the day after the wedding the first thing most brides think is “I wonder how long I’ll have to wait for my photos?” There’s no cake left, the flowers still look pretty but sadly will soon die and there is sometimes that feeling of a slight hangover and they just want something to make them feel a little better after the high of the previous day. Often I’ll message the couple within a few days after the wedding and thank them for a great day and let them know I’ve looked at their photos and they’ve got some great ones to look forward to. This always cheers them up. Sometimes a week or so later I’ll receive a message or even a phone call asking how I’m getting on with the editing and I know the question they really mean is “Where’s my photos because I can’t wait to see them to relive each and every moment of the best day of our lives that we spent months or even years planning and organising?” I always reassure the brides exactly how I’m getting on and an approximate time they’ll receive their USB. It’s natural for anyone to be excited about receiving photos. I always remember at school going to collect my school photographs and being excited about showing them to my Mam and Dad. Mam was always proud and made sure it was framed and displayed right along side my 2 sisters school photographs. This made me proud too.

I’ve been thinking more about photographs and how to present them to our clients. Just recently I listened to a wedding photography podcast episode that I’ve subscribed to about “The Power of Print” it went on to describe the difference in emotions at looking at a screen and holding actual prints. This made me think a lot.

Only last week it was my Mam and Dads 42nd wedding anniversary and I thought about their wedding album I remember looking at as a kid. You see we lost our Mam 12 years ago and I still hadn’t pulled myself around to look at their wedding album again. To be honest I’d been hiding away from the feelings I was worried about feeling. I miss my Mam everyday. I called my Dad and asked him to dig it out. When I brought it home I sat down with Kelly and the kids with the dusty box on my knee. I could feel my heart beating faster as I looked at the box and blew the dust off. 42 years old this box was and not a thing was wrong with it. I opened the box and inside was the wedding album with a plastic cover for that extra protection. I removed it and without thinking I placed the box on the floor. Kelly instantly picked it up and put it aside knowing it could get damaged. She knew how precious this was and she had never even met my Mam. I opened it to the first page and there she was on the very first page at the age of 21 in her beautiful white wedding dress. My eyes filled up and Kelly grabbed a hold of me. I try not to get too emotional in front of the children but I had no control of how I was feeling. My daughter smiled at me and said “she’s so pretty Dad” and she was!

As I looked at the photograph my hand lifted up and I touched the page with my finger tips. I don’t know why I did that. It gave me a sense of connection to it for some reason. With that lump in my throat and looking through tears I stared at the photo thinking about how she must have felt that day. She looked so happy. As we slowly went through each page I seen photos of my Dad, both nana’s and Grandads and Aunty and Uncles. We laughed at the flares and high sole shoes the men were wearing. The women’s clothing hasn’t changed in 42 years I thought. Wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses will always be same. Class never goes out of style. After about 45 minutes of looking through it and flicking back and forth telling the kids who was who and telling them stories about my Uncle’s, Nana’s and Grandad. I eventually put the album back in the box and put it away safely. 45 minutes we looked at that wedding album and I felt every emotion possible within that time. I wasn’t even born when that album was created but to me that album is priceless. The girls asked questions all night about my Mam and I was happy to talk about it. I could tell that they also felt more connected which made me feel happy. She would have loved the kids!

So this got me thinking about print. How powerful it is and how powerful it was to me. 3 generations have been touched by this 1 little book. Just Paper? I don’t think so! “We need to start looking into processing albums for our couples” I said. “Definitely!” Kelly replied whilst already googling local digital printers. Since then we’ve visited a few local printers and found an amazing group of people who already understand the importance of wedding albums. We’ve learned so much from them and have already put our first order in for 2 sample albums to be printed. It’s massive to us as a business but the real reason we are doing this is because in years to come, maybe even 42 years from now. Someone is going to be sitting down with their children looking at a wedding album with tears in their eyes feeling every emotion, just like me! To us that is priceless and nothing is more important than family.

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