Anticipating the Shot!

Ok so I’m in The Church, Manor House or 18th-century retreat. The bride and groom are saying their weddings vows and everyone is in awe at how beautiful the scene is. I’m set, waiting in anticipation, camera in focus, shutter speed set and aperture ready. Waiting for that moment, that moment that I know is going to happen. That moment when the bride is going to glimpse over her shoulder to see her Dad sitting in the front row with a tear in his eye. I see her turn and as I half press the shutter release button, ready for that exact moment I’ve been waiting for the past few moments...A guest, possibly a 2nd cousin from somewhere, not knowing that they’re doing anything out of the ordinary and certainly not thinking that they’re causing a problem holds up their IPhone 5c, it’s held up perfectly in line with my sight of the bride and bang! It’s gone! The bride turns away after smiling at her dad and carries on with her vows with her husband-to-be. My heart sinks, knowing that could have or would have been a shot that the bride would have cherished forever!

Luckily for the bride the possibility of that shot never even existed, and she won’t have to feel the pain that I’ve just felt. I can only wait for the next opportunity to catch another momentary look that I constantly search for all day at the weddings I do. For a split second I stop and think...I wonder if they caught that shot on that IPhone 5c? I really hope they did.

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