First things first I’m a wedding photographer which means I take photos at weddings. I’m not a wedding co-ordinator, I’m not an instructor and I’m certainly no one’s boss. My whole life I’ve felt the same way about one thing. Ask me to do something and I’ll try my best to do it. Tell me, and you’ve got no chance!


Which is why I’ll never tell anyone to do anything ever, especially on their wedding day. If you’re looking for someone to tell you and dictate how your day goes then you should close this website and keep on looking at other photographers. I can assure you there's plenty of those types out there but if you want someone to guide you through your day, have a laugh with your guests and make everyone feel comfortable then keep on reading.


No one sees your faces more than your photographer on your wedding day. Moods and emotions change a lot throughout the day and I personally feel it's an important part of my job to notice and acknowledge this. When this happens i'll have a quiet word with them and calm things down. Most people don't even know this has happened. It’s amazing how doing this instantly makes the person feel better and relaxed. I know we’ll get those amazing photographs you’re after if you're calm and just be yourself.


I’ll not pose you in some weird way that you would never do. My idea of perfect wedding photography is to capture the real you. They’re your photos and I'm there to capture the real moments that matter to you, not me! I’ll have a good idea what these moments will be before your day as we’ll have met a few times before then and I will know who and what is important to you.


I’ve got to admit though, I do like to get a bit arty on a few just for fun. It’s up to you if you want to play? Remember it's 'your' day so let me help you make it amazing...this is how I like to work.



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